Happy 6th of December! #12DaysofClothmas TWELVE giveaways,...


Happy 6th of December! #12DaysofClothmas TWELVE giveaways, with a focus on cloth designed right here in the UK! NUMBER FIVE is Toilet Training and Elimination Communication! Even if you're not ready to start toilet training yet, these pocket nappies are fantastic onesize options for most babies... and will come in super useful when the time comes. Up for grabs: 1. A NEW TJ's pull-up pocket nappy 2. A Little LoveBum popper and pocket 3. Three MuslinZ organic cotton muslin squares 🌟To enter, like this post and comment with a fact or question about pull-ups, toilet training or elimination communication (EC)🌟 Closes 6th December 11pm. Winner picked at random from entries on Instagram and Facebook. Fact 1 - cotton muslin squares can be used as pocket inserts and if laid on top of the fleece layer can help your little one to feel the wetness and get to know the feeling. As a bonus, if they don't wet through the layers, you can simply switch out the muslin! Fact 2 - Little LoveBum Onesize Popper and Pocket are the best approximation I know of a true birth to potty nappy! (skinny legged newborns excepted) #realnappylife #giveaway #12daysofclothmas

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