So happy to host thi


Go To Post     So happy to host this event !!!

We are also going to feature a big maternity wear swap shop at the give and take, so dig out those elasticated waists and nursing tops and drop them at the shop any time before the 1st ????

Posted @withregram o @southlondonnappies ?Nappy meet!
Bring and take event!

?Sound the trumpets we're back!?

?We will be IN PERSON at Real Nappy Life for a bring and take event on Friday 1st October 10am-12pm!

?Bring any good condition nappies to donate/swap/get help with.

?Reusable nappy demonstrations!

?Help and advice from our volunteers and Real Nappies for London !

Register here for free ?

?This is a drop in event so you can attend without booking!

?Need help and advice please contact us we're here to help you on your cloth journey.

?Look out for announcements of online events happening.

? Branches in:
?Forest Hill
And now based at
? @realnappylife

Always looking for volunteers and donations get in contact if you can help! ?


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