Bambinex Incontinence Child to Adult Nappy

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Bambinex Incontinence Child to Adult Nappy
Bambinex Incontinence Child to Adult Nappy


Bambinex Adult nappies are suitable from young adolescents to adults and cater for heavy incontinence. 

The Bambinex adult incontinence system in an all in one system. The nappy is made up with an outer waterproof wrap and an inner attached absorbent layer, we supply the Bambinex adult nappy with an additional booster included in the price to offer you the highest in absorbency protection.  You can also also buy additional boosters if you require even more absorbency.

The Bambinex outer wrap is made from breathable PUL which is soft and gentle on the skin. The outer wrap is adjustable around the waist using velcro. There is double elasticated gussets at the thigh to give high containment. There is a front anti leakage pocket which helps keep the booster in place.

The inner booster is made from absorbent and super soft microfibre. They also dry very quickly to help with your washing turnaround.

The system is available in 5 sizes as below:

Size 0 - Waist size: 50-72cm

Size 1 - Waist size: 60-92cm
Size 2 - Waist size: 90-122cm
Size 3 - Waist size: 120-172cm
Size 4 - Waist size 170-192cm


 If you just have a wet nappy you can take out the soiled insert and replace with one of these spare inserts. This saves you from having to buy lots of outers and makes the system more economical.


These are a low stock item due to their specialist nature, so advance ordering is recommended. Fulfilment may take up to 2 weeks. 

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