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Bare & Boho all in 2 V3 nappy set

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Bare & Boho all in 2 V3 nappy set
Bare & Boho all in 2 V3 nappy set
Bare & Boho all in 2 V3 nappy set
Bare & Boho all in 2 V3 nappy set
Bare & Boho all in 2 V3 nappy set
Bare & Boho all in 2 V3 nappy set
Bare & Boho all in 2 V3 nappy set
Bare & Boho all in 2 V3 nappy set

Good absorption, great containment, very slim fitting, slow to dry. 

This nappy fastens with snaps, and consists of a wrap, insert and organic bamboo booster. The instert fastens in with 2 snaps, and the booster can be laid on top.

Additional inserts and boosters are available separately.

This is an incredibly popular nappy for a number of reasons: they are very slim fitting; the materials used are high quality and very soft to the touch; the prints are gorgeous; the unique all-in-2 design with only 2 snaps; the shaping of the inserts makes for great containment; the inserts are very absorbent; the wrap can be wiped clean, with only the inserts needing changing, meaning you can pick your nappy wrap for the day and just change the inserts.

This nappy is OSFM 'One Size Fits Most' with a stated weight range of 4kg to 20kg, although we find it comes up smaller at the top of the weight range.

Washing: The wraps should be washed at 30 degrees (this can be with your clothes), whilst the inserts can go in your normal nappy wash at up to 60 degrees.


V3 Nappy Highlights
Nappy Shell:
More structure, less bulk, elongated shape, relaxed elastics.

Thinner elastic in groin that is not pulled as taut.
Rear elastic is stitched flat and not as taut- allowing for it to be easier to lay flat and then lay bub on.
More structure via extra panelling, so the extra wing panelling and front panelling at top-waist help with reinforcement and less of the laminate on bub.
Elongated shape, so the wings are less rounded, therefore less prone to digging in across thighs. This gives more space for chunky thighs, but also means a longer shell; longer
timeframe in the shell for a growing bub.

Nappy Insert:
Longer to grow with bub.
More slender shape with relaxed elastics to avoid extra bulk in groin.
2 options:
a) Stay-dry layer + gussets, with our normal bamboo-cotton fleece rear layers
b) Hemp-organic cotton 4 layers (no stay dry layer)
The option for wider front for boys and the slender part for girls- insert can be bi-
Faster drying for the bamboo by removing a layer of fleece and replacing with microfleece.

Nappy Booster:
*Not included in V3 sets. Purchased separately.
The Boosters are 3x layers bamboo fleece + stay dry layer.
Nappy Trifolds:
*Not included in V3 sets. Purchased separately.
Trifolds stay same with 2 or 3 layers bamboo fleece.


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