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Cheeky Baby Shaped Sized Nappy

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Cheeky Wipes

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Cheeky Baby Shaped Sized Nappy
Cheeky Baby nappies have been designed in conjunction with the amazing Penny Broderick, who set up the UK Cloth Nappy Library scheme back in 2010. 

Made from 80%Bamboo 20% pico cotton terry, our nappies are designed to be poo-nami proof.  Super absorbent yet quick drying due to separate boosters which let you build absorbency without bulk based on YOUR baby.   Simply add a fleece liner for the stay dry part against your babies skin, plus a waterproof wrap to complete the nappy.

1 charcoal coloured bamboo nappy with poppers - choose from:

  • NEWBORN - size 1 (7 lbs up to 18 lbs),
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST - size 2, (18 lbs to 38 lbs),
  • TODDLER (35 lb+)


Why are your nappies coloured grey?  Why not?  It didn't make sense to us that one of the most soiled things you will ever wash should be white!  The dye used is of course formaldehyde free and certified safe to use.

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