Disana Tie On Nappy

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Disana Tie On Nappy

Disana knitted tie on nappy is made from organic cotton and is designed to fit birth to potty. The length of the nappy is altered by folding down the back of the nappy to make it shorter.  It is made from  stretchy  ribbed knitted cotton, which follows baby‘s every move.

Disana tie on nappy fastens using tie on cords rather than velcro or poppers.  Tying the nappy can be tricky and takes some practice.    The ties must be secured before washing otherwise you'll have a lot of knots to deal with after washing!

To put more absorbency into the Disana tie on nappy use a bamboo or hemp booster. 

The nappy can be washed up to 60deg. Disana tie on nappy air dries quickly as it opens out but can be tumble dried if required.

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