Fluffy Ducks Hemp Inserts Set of 2

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Fluffy Ducks

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Fluffy Ducks Hemp Inserts Set of 2

Designed to help your wee ones sleep for longer over night, slim fitting, super thick hemp inserts are the perfect addition to your cloth nappy journey. 

Slim through the middle to be comfortable over night and can be snapped in either end of our nappy to give maximum coverage. 


  • Each set comes with 2 inserts
  • Each insert is 4 layers, 8 layers total
  • Made from highly absorbent, plush Hemp, bamboo & cotton blend
  • Adjustable fit to suit tummy sleepers & boys
  • Machine washable 
  • Designed to fit all Fluffy Ducks modern cloth nappies.
  • 43% hemp 35% bamboo 22% cotton

How to use:

On their own, as a pair, or simply add to your existing combination to give you and extra boost. Let these workhorse inserts do the work over night so you can catch a more restful sleep.


Due to the nature of hemp they will shrink, please gently stretch and reshape after each wash.
As with all inserts they will build absorbency over 6-8 washes

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