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Fluffy Ducks Premium Mini Wet Bag

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Fluffy Ducks

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Fluffy Ducks Premium Mini Wet Bag
Fluffy Ducks Premium Mini Wet Bag

These PUL wetbags are double pockets - yes that two separate pockets for your use. wet/dry, clean/dirty whatever you choose.


  • Generously sized Double pockets
  • Zip closure on both pockets
  • Machine washable 
  • Snap loop handle to secure on bags/buggy/hang on washing line to dry
  • Gorgeous prints to match your Fluffy Ducks Nappy 
  • keep your Fluffy Ducks wipes in the front pocket and dirty nappies in the main

So much more than just a wetbag for nappies. Yes this initially what they are intended for but the possibilities are endless. Think carrying shampoo etc while travelling, lunches, visits to the park, we always use one for swimming and beach days and find it so handy to throw your wet togs in one.

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