SALE Geffen Baby Hemp Jersey Prefolds

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SALE Geffen Baby Hemp Jersey Prefolds

Excellent heavy wetter & night time nappy option, can also be layered with boosters for more absorbency.

Sold individually

 Size dimensions & absorbency*

XS: (Orange) 12.5”x13.5” before washing, 9.125”x12.25” after washing, absorbs approximately 6-7 ounces – Use in XS/S shaped nappies & on newborn babies

S: (Green) 14.5”x16” before washing, 11”x15.25” after washing, absorbs approximately 9-10 ounces – Use in small shaped nappies & on infants

M/L: (Lavender) 16”x18.5” before washing, 12.5”x17.5” after washing, absorbs approximately 12-13 ounces – Use in M/L shaped nappies and on crawlers/walkers

XL: (Navy) 18”x21.5” before washing, 14”x20” after washing, absorbs approximately 17-18 ounces – Use in XL/toddler shaped nappies, or folded for smaller babies


Note nippas do not work on this type of fabric - if you plan on using a nippa, the fleece version is what you want.

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