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Little Lamb Bamboo Nippa Nappy

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Little Lamb Bamboo Nippa Nappy

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Very absorbent, great containment,medium-slow to dry, very economical.

The no velcro option needs a nippa (sold separately) to fasten it, which many find gives a better fit and also a longer lasting nappy as there's no velcro to get damaged in the wash.

It needs a wrap over the top.

A booster is loose in size 1 and sewn in the size 2 and 3 nappies, and each nappy comes with a high pile fleece liner you can choose whether to use.

This is a workhorse nappy that will not let you down, and will work great both day and night (you may need an additional booster for night time).

Size 1 - 7-18lbs

Size 2 18-35lbs

Size 3 35lb+

Manufactured in Turkey. Oeko-Tex certified.



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