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Little Lamb Disposable Nappy Liners

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Little Lamb

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Little Lamb Disposable Nappy Liners
Little Lamb Disposable Nappy Liners
These disposable liners are made from a non woven ( this means bonded ) Polylactic acid ( polylactide or PLA ).
Polylactic acid is a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable biomass, typically from fermented plant starch such as from corn, cassava, sugarcane or sugar beet pulp. PLA is very environmentally friendly material since it is made from renewable resource. Plastics products may take up to thousand years to compost, PLA products compost within 3-6 months in a composting system. 

Use disposable liners when out and about, or at nursery for convenience but when you're at home we find it's better to use fleece liners which are reusable.


100 liners per roll.

After use please bag and bin. Please do not flush these down the toilet they may contribute to the fatburg issue if you live in an area with old Victorian sewers.


The huge benefit of PLA as a bioplastic is the fact that it naturally degrades when exposed to the environment. PLA liners will take between two and twelve months to degrade fully in a landfill situation.


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