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Petit Lulu AI2 Complete Set

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Petit Lulu AI2 Complete Set

This All-In-Two from Petit Lulu, (also called SIO - snap in one) is a very absorbent and adjustable AI2 nappy with fold out features for quicker drying, and Petit Lulu's signature fleece binding leaving no sock marks. 

This set includes a basic insert with fleece gusset for containment, and a long (plus) booster which snaps into place, and can be folded where you want the absorbency. The insert and booster can remain snapped together but fold out very long for quicker drying.

With all-in-two nappies, the idea is that you change just the absorbent inner and reuse the cover again around 4 times. This makes it a cheaper more minimalist system for you as you don't need to buy as many outer covers.

The insert consists of a base and an attachable long insert.
The base is 60% viscose (bamboo), 40% cotton (organic) (4 layers)    
The long insert is faceside and underside : 60% viscose (bamboo), 40% cotton (organic),filling : 80% cotton, 20% polyester

The nappy is suitable for babies of 4 – 15 kgs

– for newborns to approx. 6 months olds, you can only use the  a folded base (SIO basic)
– once you need to boost the base absorbency, you attach Short Insert (sold separately) or the Long Insert (included)

Petit Lulu Washing Instructions
Always wash at 60deg and never lower.
NEVER use any bleach or fabric softener. Check the contents of your laundry detergent carefully.
Use baby friendly washing detergents. DO NOT use eco-washing detergents they do not clean nappies well enough.
Any Petit Lulu Covers or waterproof parts should not be spun above 1000rpm
Try to avoid tumble drying the nappies as it will shorten the life of the nappies.
Never tumble dry the covers or waterproof parts of the nappies.
Never dry the covers or waterproof part of the nappies directly on a radiator.
Dry pail only. NEVER any soaking

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