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🌟NEW PRODUCT🌟 Adding to my AppleCheeks...


🌟NEW PRODUCT🌟 Adding to my AppleCheeks collection, I now have 12 designs of the size 2 pocket nappies available! 🤩 . These have the same awesome elastic all the way around the top as the size 3 and AIO already in stock, which means you can use them as #pullupnappies 😁 . Fitting 18-40lb this is a generous sized nappy. 👍 . The inserts are bamboo/ organic cotton in an amazingly soft jersey fabric which has to be felt to be appreciated. They're super lush 💛. 2 ply is recommended for size 2 but I have some 3 ply for extra heavy wetters.👌 . These inserts can also be used separately in a wrap like #blueberrycapri , #tjswrap or another pocket nappy of your choice! They even fold out for quicker drying. 🙌 . . . #realnappylife by Beth Farrow. I only stock nappies I know and love. Message me for advice any time. Link in bio. . . #makelaundrynotlandfill #makeclothmainstream #clothnappyfamilies #reusablenappies #clothnappy #clothnappyshop #realnappyshop #applecheeks #applecheeksnappies #pocketnappies #pocketnappy #bambooinserts

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