Nappy Hire

You can request a custom hire here.

I also have the following nappy hire kits available:

Newborn Kit - £50 for 6 weeks - includes 26 nappies, wipes, 2 wet bags and a bucket.

Newborn Basic Kit£38 for 6 weeks - includes 20 nappies, wipes and 2 wet bags. 

Onesize-Fits-Most Kit 'Birth to Potty' size - £60 for 6 weeks  -includes 21 nappies, wipes, 2 wet bags and a bucket. 

Night Kit - £25 for 6 weeks - includes 6 different night nappies and 3 wraps. 

Premium Trial Kit £60 for 6 weeks - includes 14 nappies, pod, wipes, wet bags.


The above kits have a refundable deposit of £75-£200.

Up to £10 discount available for collection near Crystal Palace. 

These kits are designed to give you a chance to try a range of nappy types so you can discover what works best for your family without having to buy lots of different nappies. The nappies will not be new, but will be in good and clean condition. They have everything you need to use cloth nappies on your baby and start your #realnappylife .


Terms and Conditions of Hire