Nappy Hire

You can request a custom hire here.

I also have the following nappy hire kits available:

Newborn Kit - £50 for 6 weeks (£20 with £200 spend) - includes 26 nappies, wipes, 2 wet bags and a bucket.

Newborn Basic Kit£38 for 6 weeks (£18 with £200 spend) - includes 20 nappies, wipes and 2 wet bags. 

Onesize-Fits-Most Kit 'Birth to Potty' size - £60 for 6 weeks (£30 with £200 spend) -includes 21 nappies, wipes, 2 wet bags and a bucket. 

Night Kit - £25 for 6 weeks (£15 with £200 spend) - includes 6 different night nappies and 3 wraps. 

Premium Trial Kit £60 for 6 weeks (£40 with £200 spend) - includes 14 nappies, pod, wipes, wet bags.

The above kits have a refundable deposit of £75-£200.

Up to £10 discount available for collection near Crystal Palace. 

These kits are designed to give you a chance to try a range of nappy types so you can discover what works best for your family without having to buy lots of different nappies. The nappies will not be new, but will be in good and clean condition. They have everything you need to use cloth nappies on your baby and start your #realnappylife .


Terms and conditions

I will supply you with a list of contents, guidelines for use and washing instructions. If anything appears not as expected when you receive your kit or during use, please notify me immediately by e-mailing

After your hire, If I find any items which are missing or damaged beyond being able to be used, the full price will be deducted from your deposit.

If you place an order within 2 weeks following your hire of £200, you will qualify for the lower price of hire, meaning your returned deposit will be increased. 

I have used these nappies as a parent myself, therefore I understand and expect ordinary wear and tear of the nappies through normal use. Excessive or deliberate damage is not acceptable, for example if they all come back stained grey from washing with dark colours. Please read and follow the washing instructions carefully to avoid damage to the nappies.

Your hire period is for 6 weeks (42 days) starting from the day after dispatch. We will dispatch the kit by next day delivery, and you will receive tracking information.

It is your responsibility to return the kit to me at your own cost, and it MUST be received back by me on or before day 42. For any delay, a late fee of £5 per day will be deducted from your deposit, as this will delay the next hire.

The value of these kits is far greater than your deposit, and it is your responsibility to keep your hired kit in good order.


General Guidance for use

  • Change your baby's nappy every 2 - 4 hours or immediately after a poo.
  • At night if your baby sleeps for longer periods, change them when they wake.
  • You may want to use a natural nappy cream such as lanolin or Weleda Calendula cream. If using any other cream, please protect the nappy with a fleece or disposable liner, as these creams can coat the fibres and be very tough to remove.
  • When changing your baby, always clean the whole bottom well.
  • Put used nappies and wipes in a wet bag or bucket and store until wash day.
  • Make sure you have folded back the Velcro tabs so that they don’t snag on each other or collect lint. If a wrap has Velcro but no tabs, fasten it loosely and wash inside out.
  • Try not to leave it more that two days between washes, as this will prevent damage to the nappies.
  • Before your baby is weaned, everything can go in the washing machine, poo and all – no need to flush anything. When your baby is eating food, all poo needs to be knocked off into the toilet. Liners can help with removal if not 'ploppable'.
  • Before washing, disasemble the nappy. Pull out any inserts and boosters to ensure a thorough clean, and secure any Velcro.
  • All in one and pocket nappies need to be washed after every change. For all in 2, shaped and flat nappies - wipe down the wrap and wash after roughly 3 uses (if poo gets on the wrap do not re-use). 
  • To avoid leaks, check your fit, and make sure all of the absorbent parts of the nappy are tucked inside the waterproof outer so no wetness can escape
  • Washing Instructions