Vouchers and Discounts

Please note all codes will not work during Reusable Nappy Week - resuming 26th April.

Code REAL10 can be used for 10% off a customer's first order. This is valid once per household.

Council vouchers via RNfL or otherwise are redeemed by entering a code at checkout as per instructions here. Council vouchers cannot be combined with any discounts.

There are 'bundle discounts' available when certain products are bought together, such as Disana wool covers and lanolin.
These are applied automatically, and cannot be combined with other vouchers or discount codes.

If you would prefer to use a voucher code instead of an automatic bundle discount, you will need to apply the discount code at checkout before all items in the 'bundle' are added to your basket.


For any queries, please contact Beth info@realnappylife.co.uk