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😍 Posted @withregram • @feelgr8mama If you have a cloth bum in the household, then make sure you have a Nappy Auntie too😉 We've certainly found one in the wonderful @realnappylife run by Nappy Auntie Beth❤️ This is not an ad, but is an appreciation and gratitude post🙏🏼 I don't quite know how I found this lovely lady here on #insta but I know that people like her help change this world for the better 💛 She has a beautiful vision for her small business and it's a joy to support her in the way we can😍 #otb is a fantastic value for money TJ's wrap which arrived the other day and surprised us with how well-made and versatile it is☺️ It has generous flaps for inserts/prefolds that keep them well in place and it is generous enough to cover a shaped nappy too👌🏼 Perfect😄 So far we've used three variations: 1. @petitlulu_eu short bamboo booster wrapped in @closeparent night time booster; 2. my DIY @bambinomio mioboost plus @littlelambnappies double bamboo inserts (see previous post); 3. @ellashouse bumslender All worked beautifully with this super-heavy wetter cheeky monkey 🐒 and got through the (still predominantly breastfed) 💩 test too 😂 Did I mention the wrap got a gorgeous external double gusset?😉 Reusing a wrap is a very economical and convenient option, whether cloth diapering full or part time🙌🏼 What is your current favourite #nappywrap ? 🤔 Can you have too many wraps?🙈 Who's your Nappy Auntie or go-to small nappy business? I wish we've discovered @realnappylife earlier on our #clothbumjourney 😭 This is why I'm writing this post today, so that more parents support meaningful small businesses like Beth's and in turn feel supported in their personal decision to use #cloth ❤️ #clothbummum #makelaundrynotlandfill #realnappies #reusablenappies #supportsmallbusiness #nappyauntie

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