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🚰Prewashing your nappies...🚰 Every new nappy...


🚰Prewashing your nappies...🚰 Every new nappy needs to be washed before use, at least once, but for bamboo twice, and hemp three times as a minimum! There's no need to dry them inbetween prewashes, and you can put them in with your clothes (without softener). . ¿¿Why?? . Well... the manufacturers of the fabrics coat them in softener to make them feel beautifully silky to us consumers. This is all very nice 😬, but it drastically reduces the absorbency, and takes a lot of washing to get rid of it. Hemp also has natural oils which need washing out. 💦 . Bamboo takes roughly 6 washes and hemp 10 washes to reach full absorbency, so boost extra for the first few uses! It will be worth it, as hemp is the most absorbent fabric used in nappies. 😊 . ♻️Research suggests that even with all this washing, reusable nappies use 6 times less water than disposables, so worry ye not. ♻️ . Along with most manufacturers, we recommend using non-bio powder. Never use any bleach or fabric softener. ✔ . #realnappylife . . . #prewashing #prewashed #makelaundrynotlandfill #makeclothmainstream #reusablenappies #clothnappiesuk #clothnappyfamilies #realnappyjargon #realnappies #washingnappies #hempnappies #bamboonappies #reducereuserecycle #saveouroceans #fabricsoftener #journeytozerowaste

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