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Beautiful 💖 Posted @withregram • @clothmumma Last night was our first night using the Disana Wool cover and I loved it. It was still bone dry in the magic. . I’ve wanted to try wool for ages after reading amazing reviews, not sure what took me so long. . I bought this from Beth @realnappylife she has a special deal on if you buy it with a jar of lanolin. She also sells the petit lulu organic maxi nights which we use and would definitely recommend. I previously used bamboozles but I had to boost a lot and they were always soaking in the mornings. With the petit lulu half is usually dry in the morning and I’ve never needed additional boosters. . Beth also has a video on her instagram showing how to lanolise which helped me. . . . . . #therealnappycafe #realnappylife #shopsmall #disanawool #makeclothmainstream #makelaundrynotlandfill #clothnappyaddict #clothbummum #clothbum #clothdiapers #clothdiaperingmama #clothdiaperaddict #realnappies #ecofriendly

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