Bee on your bum Ms...


Bee on your bum Ms 9m? Oh and you Ms nearly 3y! 🐝😁🐝 . One of the myths I've heard about #realnappies is that they cost a lot. 🤔😂. If you look into it, you'll find you will save at least £500 (probably more) over the time your kid is in nappies if you choose cloth. Even more savings are to be had if you have more than one child, although we wouldn't advise expanding your family for this reason alone, even if they do look super cute in them 🤣. . This is a #tjsnappies wrap, coming soon to our website stock... @re.becca.snook put me onto these, so thanking you Mrs! 😘 . It has a double gusset, fits both my chunky girls, and has those useful flaps for tucking in a #prefoldnappy in a pad fold. It also fits over shaped nappies really well. 👍 . These are the best features you'll find in any wrap, and these are possibly the most economical wraps you'll find!🤩 . #makelaundrynotlandfill #makeclothmainstream #ecoparenting #clothnappyfamilies #clothnappiesuk #reusablenappies #noplanetb #ecoparenting #cheaperbythedozen

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