I have an illness called...


I have an illness called depression. I've had it a long time, and it changes all the time. I'm in counselling, which does help and I even saw my counsellor over video chat a few days ago. I am fortunate to have this support. . Today was a good day. Many have been not so good recently. . For #maternalmentalhealthweek I'm not sure how to honour it except to share a little bit of me... in the hopes that someone out there might find the courage to seek help. . Having kids is hands down the hardest thing I've ever done. I'm sure some of you can relate. . I dreamt about being a mum for 13 years before it became a reality, but that doesn't make it a happy and joyful experience by default. In fact I recently realised I suffered with PND after my second baby with delayed onset. . It's a hard time to be a mum for anyone in lockdown. I read only a few days ago that in ancient nomadic times, we would have lived in communities of roughly 150 and shared the parental responsibility and supporting of maternal health. How different that experience must have been. . My mum self wants to go back and tell my single self what's what - how it's far from a walk in the park! . None of our distant ancestors would have been surprised by how hard parenting is... because they would have grown up helping out extended family members with their journeys. . I'm still not sure I'd trade in my Netflix and lovely bed though 😁. . . #pnd #mentalhealthawareness #maternalmentalhealth #prenataldepression #lockdownparenting #depression #maternalmentalhealthawareness

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