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I think this drawer used...


I think this drawer used to have beach balls in it, but now it's the #miosolo drawer! 😁🧡 . We now have Miosolos in stock! 🤩 These are really easy #birthtopotty all in one nappies, and are the biggest #BTP nappy we've found, so fab for bigger babas. 👣 . 🌟Link in bio. £10 off when you buy 5! 🌟 . As a microfibre nappy we'd recommend boosting with bamboo or hemp, to avoid compression leaks. . Ms nearly 3y wears these to nursery with a booster stuffed in the back and a disposable liner, so they can throw away the poo in their nappy bin. They are aplix and really easy to fit, so a great choice for childcare. . #realnappylife . . . #makelaundrynotlandfill #makeclothmainstream #clothnappyshop #clothnappiesuk #clothnappyfamilies #realnappies #bambinomio #bambinomiosolo #shoplocal #shopsmall #southlondon

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