Is it a 'sposie? Is...


Is it a 'sposie? Is it cloth? It's a #hybridnappy ! 🤨😁 So you're off on holiday and there's no washing facilities. You don't want to use disposables, what do you do? . These are fully biodegradable #singleuseplasticfree inserts which have wood pulp as the main absorbing material, and cellulose, which is made from bark, wood or leaves, instead of plastic! They have two sticky strips on the back to secure them in your #nappywrap . . Any fitted (aplix/snaps) wrap will do, you don't need to buy the recommended ones. . After a full 3 days of using these on my 2 littles, I have the following advice: - choose some #biodegradablewipes and #biodegradablenappysacks to bring along too, as you won't want a huge stack of dirty wipes to bring home - bring a few wraps, as they can get fairly wet after night time use; also the sticky strips leave a residue which you might want to wash off. - careful placement of the insert is key to ensure the wee hits the absorbent part, e.g. if you have a tummy sleeper position further forward in the wrap for naps & nights. - make sure the edges don't fold under, as the wee will run off. - use and enjoy your holiday! . #realnappylife . . . #groviabiosoaker #makelaundrynotlandfill #makeclothmainstream #realnappies #clothnappyfamilies #clothbummum #clothbumholiday #realnappyholiday #hybridnappies #biodegradablenappies

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