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Ms 9m is poorly atm,...


Ms 9m is poorly atm, but still able to enjoy sitting on mama's knee and stretching to reach the forbidden tv remote. We were up a lot in the night 😴😪 but our lovely #bareandboho hemp all in 2 nappy really brings a smile when I needed it. 😁💙 This is the 'blue sandy lines' pattern, but we have another 9 gorgeous prints available. I'm secretly wishing we could try them all, but then there'd be none left to sell you lovely people! . 15% off your first order with code NEWCUSTOMER15. . Link in bio. . #realnappylife . . . #hempnappies #allintwonappies #realnappies #clothnappyfamilies #clothnappiesuk #clothnappyaddict #clothbummum #makelaundrynotlandfill #makeclothmainstream

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