Nappy keyrings! Ms nearly 3y wanted...


Nappy keyrings! Ms nearly 3y wanted one on her shoes, I've got one on my handbag and one on the change bag! 😍 . Baba & Boo make these key rings from the little fragments of material that are left over from the nappies they make. By using them, we hope we can all make other parents aware of reusable nappies. By using this keyring, you might just come across another parent who uses real nappes, and you wouldn't have known. Another mum might want to know more... and just like that there are less nappies in landfill. How cool is that? 😎 . Using these key rings is powerful. Put them on your change bag, your work pass, your children’s nursery and book bags, or on your matching wet bag. You could even use them on your keys. They are a sign to others that they know someone using reusable nappies. They are a sign that reusables are normal. They show others that change is happening. These key rings help to #makeclothmainstream. They’re also really, really cute. . Limited availability. Link in bio. . #realnappylife . . . #reusablenappies #clothnappyfamilies #clothnappiesuk #realnappies #clothnappyaddict #noplanetb #theresnoplanetb

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