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NEW STOCK From @thirstiesinc a...


Go To Post     NEW STOCK From @thirstiesinc a big welcome to my now absolute favourite night nappy and prefold! 🎉🤩 These natural fitted nappies are bamboo cotton, and luxuriously soft. They are just perfect for my front sleeping heavy wetting Ms 19m, with the poppered booster folded at the front. The hemp prefold really is 'as soft as your favourite t-shirt'! I don't know how they do it... Super thirsty as you'd expect, and cleverly designed for quicker drying. 💙 #realnappylife by Beth Farrow. I only stock nappies I know and love at the best price I can. Message me for advice any time. Link in bio. #makelaundrynotlandfill #makeclothmainstream #clothnappyfamilies #reusablenappies #clothnappy #clothnappyshop #realnappyshop #thirsties #thirstiesnatural #thirstieshemp #thirstiesfitted

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