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Thank you for sharing your story! Posted @withregram • @sapphireandsaffron Bit of a random post tonight! I bought cloth nappies when Saffron was small but didn’t stick at it. I had postnatal depression & it just felt a little overwhelming so I gave up. I’m not proud of it but I really couldn’t handle poo/ Mum/hubby would do most of them 🙈 Fast-forward a year & a bit & I wanted to try them, I tried to find some more nappies to reduce the amount of washing & found the nappy scheme @realnappiesforlondon . My borough wasn’t on the list, so I wrote to my local MP & they joined the scheme. I was ecstatic to reduce waste & get some direction on suppliers but by the time they joined the scheme Saffron was 18 months & not eligible. I have been managing with these same 3 nappies with Sapphire, I’m surprised I don’t have Michelle Obama arms by now! I remembered about the scheme last week, when I was getting a few more nappies & accessories now I’m back at work& to help with starting EC. I applied to RNFL & my voucher came quickly. I’m not entirely sure how the amount works but I’ve attached the picture. My borough gives £54.15, I think voucher prices differ depending on the borough. There are a lot of schemes available for cloth nappies in the UK, so if you’re not sure about reusable nappies yet but want to try it out @realnappiesforlondon if you’re London based. If you’re not London based, google ‘nappy incentive schemes’ & lots of different suppliers come up with a variety of offers or @thenappygurus website for deals & details on nappy schemes around the UK! I recommend @realnappylife for AMAZING prices on nappies, accessories & a detailed video of nappy types (absolute lifesaver, if I had seen that video the 1st time around I might’ve stuck at it). 💩Sapphire is teething which comes with blowouts...but I’m much more prepared & have stocked up on extra liners! How did you find #clothdiapering & poonamis? 💩Anyone thinking of trying cloth nappies? . . . #reduce #ecofriendly #earthfriendly #clothnappies #reusablenappies #eliminationcommunication #clothdiapers #clothbum #makeclothmainstream #clothbumbaby

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