That feeling when someone you...


Go To Post     That feeling when someone you know starts their cloth journey 🤩😍 I had the pleasure of doing a socially distant in person demo with my awesome friend @lazyvalentina and hiring her family & baby 2 my onesize hire kit last week. Pic 1/Day 1 "Happy Baby" Pic 2/Day 2 "I'm totally getting this, Love it!" Shout out to my other friends: @spanishsamosa who is still my best ever customer... sshhh 😘 @theecomum who's suffering through morning sickness with baby 2...💛 And @the_rewriters one day 😉 It's not for everyone, and I make a point of not preaching, but wow is it a thrill when you get to show someone how fab cloth is. Each and every time. I'm always here for advice! 😁 #realnappylife

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