Why DON'T I stock microfibre...


Go To Post     Why DON'T I stock microfibre inserts? and why have I stopped stocking nappies with microfibre as the main absorbency? Microfibre is made from polyester or nylon which come from petrochemicals - NOT a renewable resource and microfibre is NOT biodegradable. When washed, microfibre releases microplastics into the water treatment plants and may ultimately end up in the oceans, or even our bodies. 👎 Microfibres account for 85% of man-made debris found on shorelines worldwide. In terms of performance as a nappy fabric, microfibre does not have good retention (absorbency which doesn't squeeze out under compression); it is bulky compared with natural fibres; and it's difficult to clean, as the fibres are good at gripping poo particles and not letting them go easily. It is a common misconception that microfibre absorbs quickly. False! Try running it under your tap, and watch that water run off. Many brands of nappies use microfibre, or microfibre cunningly disguised as 'charcoal bamboo' (in which the only bamboo is burnt bamboo)... Why? Because it's cheap! Is the environment one of the reasons you choose to use cloth nappies? If the answer is yes, then I urge you to consider using nappies with natural fibres - cotton, bamboo and hemp. Any questions? I'm here! #microfibre #petrochemicals #microplastics #notbiodegradable #makelaundrynotlandfill

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