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Onesize-Fits-Most Kit

This kit is £60 for 6 weeks, with a refundable deposit of £160.

It includes 22 nappies and wipes, 2 wet bags, a bucket, and a FREE roll of 50 disposable liners.

If you make a purchase of £200 within 2 weeks following your hire, the returned deposit will be increased by £30, meaning the hire cost will be only £30.

Kit hire will start as soon as possible unless otherwise requested and depending on availability at the time.

See terms and conditions here

Kit contents example:

Quantity Type Name
1 AIO Little Love Bum Everyday Nappy
1 AIO Blueberry Simplex One Size in Organic Cotton
1 AIO Thirsties Natural All-In-One
1 AIO Little Love Bum Quickdry
1 Pocket Little Love Bum Popper and Pocket Nappy
1 pocket Applecheeks size 2 pocket & insert
1 Pocket Thirsties Natural pocket
1 Pocket Little Lamb OneSize Pocket Nappy
1 Pocket Baba & Boo Onesize Pocket Nappy
1 AI2 Close Pop-In Nappy
1 Flat Bummis/NEA Organic Cotton Prefold Nappy
2 Flat MuslinZ Prefold Size 2
1 Flat MuslinZ Bamboo/Cotton terry square
1 Flat White Bots Terry Squares
1 Flat Thirsties hemp prefold
1 Shaped Ella's House Bum Slender
1 Shaped Little Lamb bamboo shaped nappy
1 Shaped Bambinex Bamboo Shaped Nappy
1 Shaped Ella's House Bum Hugger (night nappy)
1 Shaped TotsBots Bamboozle shaped nappy (night/day)
1 Shaped Ecopipo Night Nappy - Onesize
1 Fastener Little Lamb nappy fastener
1 Booster Ella's House Bum Booster
1 Booster Little Lamb Hemp Shaped Booster
1 Wrap Little Lamb Nappy Wrap
1 Wrap Rumparooz Onesize Wrap
1 Wrap Petit Lulu Pull Up Wrap Med
1 Wrap Petit Lulu Pull Up Wrap Lg
1 Wrap TJ's Nappy Wrap
1 Wrap Blueberry Capri nappy wrap
1 Wrap Thirsties Duo Size 2
1 Bucket TotsBots 16L Nappy Bucket
1 Liner TotsBots Mesh Bucket Liner
1 Wet bag TJ's large hanging wet bag
1 Wetbag Little Lamb small drawstring wet bag
20 Liners Bambinex Fleece Liners
11 Wipes Grovia Wipes
11 Wipes MuslinZ unbleached wipes
1 Liners Disposable liners roll of 50 (FREE GIFT - DO NOT RETURN)