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Custom Hire

If you would like to try before you buy, and want something different to the standard hire kits available here, this is the form for you. 

Note nappies for hire are not new, but are perfectly clean. Terms and conditions here

Example hire for one Petit Lulu Maxi Night Fluffy Organic is £1.50 for 2 weeks or £2.50 for 4 weeks, with a £10 deposit. 

Flats Hire Kit - 20 mixed flat nappies + nippa, £6.80 for 2 weeks plus deposit £45

Plus P&P £4 RM24 (you pay return postage).
Terms & Conditions...

I calculate the hire fee as 5% of the value for the first week then 2.5% of the value (RRP) per week, with a deposit of roughly half the full price value. 

This is capped at £25 per 6 week period for 10 nappies; £50 for 20 nappies and £60 for a full kit with wipes, wet bags,  liners and bucket.