Newborn Simple Kit

This kit is £38 for 6 weeks, with a refundable deposit of £85.

If you choose to receive your returned deposit on a gift card, you will get an extra 10% to spend on anything at Real Nappy Life :)

Kit hire will start from your baby's due date, unless otherwise requested and depending on availability at the time.

See terms and conditions of hire here


Kit contents example including 20 nappies, 6 wraps, wipes and wet bag:


Quantity Type Item name
2 Flat Bummis organic cotton prefold nappy - small
5 Flat MuslinZ organic cotton prefold nappy - newborn
1 Flat MuslinZ Bamboo Cotton Terry Square 50cm
5 Flat 70cm cotton muslins by MuslinZ - various colours
1 Shaped Little Lamb Bamboo Nippa Nappy
1 Shaped Little lamb Bamboo Shaped Nappy
1 Shaped  Bimble Nippa Nappy
1 Pocket Baba and Boo Newborn Pocket Nappy
3 AI2 Close pop-in newborn + 2 extra inserts
2 Wrap Little Lamb Nappy Wrap
2 Wrap Rumparooz Newborn Nappy Wrap
2 Wrap TJ's newborn wrap
2 Wet bag Little Lamb Large Wet Bag & small
1 Nippa Little Lamb Nappy Fastener
20 Wipes Various