Disana Silk & Wool Breast Pads

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Disana Silk & Wool Breast Pads

These Disana Breast Pads are made from raw silk and wool. 

The outer layer, front and back are raw silk, and inner layer is organic merino wool, so they can be used with both sides on the skin

Raw silk and wool absorb breast milk ensuring that the skin remains dry between feeds. Untreated raw silk cools and soothes any irritation from breast feeding. Silk's anti-inflammatory properties offer natural healing of any redness.

11cm, sold in pairs.

Care instructions for silk

Silk is very sensitive to high temperatures and will shrink if washed in too hot water. Silk articles must be treated with care.  

Hand wash and rinse at 30 ºC (you can use the Disana Wool Shampoo for this product as well). Soak only briefly and rub and wring gently. Repeat if required. Shape and line dry. Do not use bleach or tumble dry.

Made in Germany at the Disana factory. Member of the International Natural Textiles Association (IVN).

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