Disana Waterproof Mattress Protector

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Disana Waterproof Mattress Protector

Disana Organic bed protectors are amazing quality and the very best on the market. Beautiful double thickness fabric are the perfect alternative to plastic undersheets!

Disana's mattress protector is waterproof due to a thin layer of non-toxic food grade PUL encased between two layers of thick brushed organic cotton.  The double layer of cotton on the outside means that liquid will be absorbed and drawn away from the baby in the case of a nappy leak; and the cover is not fitted which allows the mattress to breathe.

Disana's bed protectors also provide an anti allergy barrier to protect against dust-mites and can also be used as a changing mat or a practical waterproof cover for breastfeeding in a lying position.

The sheet is very hard wearing and can be washed at up to 90C (dust mites are killed at 57C)

Cot Bed Protector in two sizes - 50x70cm & 70x90cm

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