Little Lamb Nappy Nippas

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Little Lamb

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Little Lamb Nappy Nippas
Little Lamb Nappy Nippas
Little Lamb Nappy Nippas

These nappy nippas by Little Lamb only come in white, but they are sturdier and grippier than their colourful counterparts...

An alternative to a traditional metal nappy pin, these fasteners allow you to fasten your flat and fitted nappies with a completely customised fit, without poppers, ties or Velcro.

Benefits to using these... they will last you for years, whatever your nappy choice, and as you don't need to put them in your washing machine, they won't get damaged like other fastenings.

Nippa fastening nappies are generally cheaper and more environmentally friendly.



[Before first use give it a few good stretches]

1. Hook one side above the leg.

2. Stretch firmly to hook the other side above the other leg.

3. Pull down firmly and fasten between the legs creating a Y shape.

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