Little LoveBum Inserts

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Little LoveBum

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Little LoveBum Inserts
Little LoveBum Inserts
Little LoveBum Inserts


Hemp/Bamboo: when folded into 3, gives you 3 layers of thirsty hemp and 3 layers of absorbent bamboo, which can easily be popped on, laid in or stuffed into the pocket of your nappy.

Hemp: when folded gives 6 layers of 55% hemp and 45% cotton.

Bamboo: Made from 70% Bamboo Fibre and 30% Cotton with a 100% polyester stay-dry liner.

It has a stay-dry liner which keep your baby's bum dry.

Unfolds flat to quicken drying speed and can be washed with your nappies.

Size 35cm x 35cm.



This insert is made from 4 layers of hemp, locking in large amounts of moisture to keep little one dry.

This universal insert is the perfect fit for the Popper & Pocket as well as a great booster for our Quickdry nappy on older children or heavy wetters.

These need re-shaping whilst damp, and may not be for you if you're concerned about the shape.

It is a must have for your night nappy or long journey’s.

Size: 35cm x 13cm

Sold in a 2 pack


For data on absorbency click here

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