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Little LoveBum

Little LoveBum Hemp Trifold Snap-In Inserts

Little LoveBum Hemp Trifold Snap-In Inserts

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hese versatile and thirsty nappy inserts can be used with the Popper & Pocket shell or the Snap & Wrap cover depending on the size.

When using with a Snap and Wrap cover, (or Z wrap or Puppi AI2 cover) you can either just lay the trifold inside, or also use the handy popper to secure it in place.

When using with the Popper and Pocket shell, you can either just lay the trifold in the shell, use the handy popper to secure it in place, or stuff it into the pocket.

These Hemp Trifold's feature an athletic wicking jersey liner to keep your baby’s skin feeling dry, and when folded into 3, there are 6 layers of absorbency to keep your nappy leak-free for hours! These work well with the Popper & Pocket shell or any other pocket nappies.


Unfolds flat to quicken drying speed and can be washed with your nappies.

Measures 35cm x 35cm.



For data on absorbency click here

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Want LESS laundry?

A wool cover over a flat or fitted nappy could be the answer.

Wool is treated with lanolin (natural sheep wax) which makes it water resistant and anti-microbial.

The best bit is you only need to hand-wash it ONCE A MONTH or if it gets poo on it.

Check out our lanolin for instructions and all the gorgeous, temperature regulating, natural wool nappy covers here.