Minivivi Tween/Slim Lite Cotton Topped Cloth Pad

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Minivivi Tween/Slim Lite Cotton Topped Cloth Pad
Minivivi Tween/Slim Lite Cotton Topped Cloth Pad

Minivivi's Tween/SLIM LITE pad holds up to 50ml, is 5cm wide at the gusset and is suitable for moderate menstruation or light incontinence. It measures approx 7.5″ long, just slightly shorter than the 8″ pads but with a more narrow shape and width.

Minivivi pads are primarily designed for incontinence so are extremely high capacity yet ultra thin. Their unique, earth-friendly core is a combination of organic hemp and cotton, layered to maximise capacity and minimise compression leaks, whilst the natural fabric remains breathable.

The thin microfleece used for the backing and wings grips to underwear, reducing any movement, and it is impregnated with charcoal to reduce odour. Our non-wick, reinforced wings have two size settings to accommodate different underwear types, and a handy tab to aid with undoing the snaps.

All our pads have a hidden waterproof layer of high quality polyurethane laminate (pul) as standard for extra protection against leaks.

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