Poppets Wool Wash Soap

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Poppets Wool Wash Soap

With added olive butter & lanolin, this wool wash soap is perfect for gentle cleaning of wool nappy covers and other wool garments. 

Made from a gentle soap base, rich with lanolin and olive butter to help nourish and care for your wool.


1. Start by filling a bucket or sink with lukewarm water, enough to cover your wool cover. No hotter than 30 degrees.

2.Rub the soap bar between your hands until the water is nice and milky.

3. Submerge your wool item.

4. For spot cleaning, use the bar directly on the wool to gently lift away any marks.

5. Leave to soak for 30 mins.

6. Lightly rinse.

7. For wool nappy covers, this is the point at which you may choose to lanolise with our pure lanolin.

8. To dry, gently squeeze the wool then lay out on a dry towel.

Roll the towel up to squeeze out the excess. Then lay flat or hang to dry.


80g Heart shaped wool soap in an aluminium tin.


Sugar Crush is a sweet and fruity fragrance. Think sweet vanilla with light cherry almond notes.

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