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Puppi Bio Terry Insert

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Puppi Bio Terry Insert
Puppi Bio Terry Insert
Puppi Bio Terry Insert
Puppi Bio Terry Insert
Puppi Bio Terry Insert

Long inserts are the most popular among parents using cloth nappies for many years  due to number of their advantages:
    - You  can adjust the inserts length to individual needs of your baby
    - They let you to regulate the absorption to
    - They dry very quickly

“Bio- terry” inserts consists of 3 layers of a unbleached, ecological cotton terry with a tiny loops which makes inserts very soft and delicate for baby’s skin. Loops make “Bio-terry” inserts very absorptive as the surface is increased comparing to other materials. They are made of 100% unbleached organic cotton.

“Bio- terry” inserts are one of our thinnest inserts and because of that nappy won’t get too “bulky”. You can regulate its length by folding the insert in half or in 3 in the front and leave single layer of the insert in the back. It absorbs moisture very quickly.

Compositions 100% Organic Cotton
Dimensions 62x11 cm (24.41"x 4.33")
Care instructions Wash in 60'C (140'F), tumble dryer safe.
Before the first use Wash at least 3 times for better absorbency. Insert reaches its full absorbency after 6-8 washing cycles.
Certificates See Puppi site

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