Puppi Hemp/Bamboo Mini Booster

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Puppi Hemp/Bamboo Mini Booster
Puppi Hemp/Bamboo Mini Booster
Puppi Hemp/Bamboo Mini Booster

Hemp fabric is probably the most absorbent and ecological fabric of all. To grow hemp no pesticide nor fertilisers are necessary, it’s a very disease-resistant and undemanding strain of plants.
PUPPI mini- boosters are made of two layers of hemp fabric it is very absorbent and thin. If you are looking for a solution to add some extra absorbency to your insert just in the wet area, this booster will do the job very well. They will be with you birth to potty - you can use them for newborn baby as well as for toddler.

- Tested as safe for children under 3 years of age
- booster gives you an extra absorbency in the wet area
- the hemp/bamboo mixture helps the insert stay soft even with repeated washing.
- antyallergic properties that prevent skin irritation
- very durable, it can survive many children
Good to know:
- you can wash those boosters even in 90 degree, but because of bamboo fibre content, to prevent it from shrinking, we recommend washing in maximum 60 degree.
- To keep its original shape stretch after washing


Sold individually
Shrinking of hemp fabric is natural. After washing you can stretch the insert with your hands, so it will go back to its original length.

Compositions 50% organic cotton 30% bamboo viscose 20% hemp
Dimensions 19x11cm (7.5"x4.35")
Care instructions Wash in 60'C (140'F), tumble dryer safe.
Before the first use Wash at least 3 times for better absorbency. Insert reaches its full absorbency after 10 washing cycles.

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