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Puppi Merino Wool Cover - Mini OneSize - Snaps

Puppi Merino Wool Cover - Mini OneSize - Snaps

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"The best wool covers currently in existence (IMO)!"

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Care Instructions

Hand wash only when necessary - max 30 degrees and Line dry only, and no heated airer

Washing (and Using) Reausable Nappies

MOS - Mini One Size is Puppi's cover that fills the size gap between Newborn and One Size.

Puppi covers are made of two layers of extremely soft and thin merino wool flannel. Colorful snaps and decorative stitching make this a conversation piece. The leg elastics are soft yet very stretchy, which allows for a trim fit on virtually every child. Once lanolised, these covers hold moisture very effectively. Wool is an extremely versatile fabric for cloth nappies-- it is breathable, temperature regulating (perfect for both cold and hot days), soft, and naturally antibacterial. Lanolin breaks down urine into salts and water, so it does not need to be washed as often as PUL wraps. Simply hang to dry between uses. However, a special washing and re-lanolising procedure is necessary on wash day.

You may find that these covers look small when they arrive. But, fully stretched, they will fit baby up to 9,5 kg. They are fairly narrow, so those who require many layers for night time may find that these are not the best night solution for them. If that is the case, the Onesize cover offers more width.

Most babies need no more than 4 or 5 covers.

    - 100% merino wool
    - Wool produced and sewn in Poland
    - Our wool is proven to be mulesing free
    - Handmade
    - 4,5-9,5 kg
    - Requires lanolin


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Compositions 100% merino wool
Size Mini One Size (4,5 - 9,5 kg/10-21 lb)
Care instructions Hand washing using wool shampoo. Ventilate after each use. Detailed information about washing you will find in the leaflet joined to your cover.
Before the first use Lanolise wool cover.


The Puppi brand takes special care to ensure that its products are environmentally friendly, which is why these diapers are the only ones on the market with 100% biodegradable elastics, for which not even 1% polyester is used. Instead, organic cotton and natural rubber were used. They are resistant to high temperatures and last longer than standard synthetic rubber bands. Puppi have GOTS certifications.

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Want LESS laundry?

A wool cover over a flat or fitted nappy could be the answer.

Wool is treated with lanolin (natural sheep wax) which makes it water resistant and anti-microbial.

The best bit is you only need to hand-wash it ONCE A MONTH or if it gets poo on it.

Check out our lanolin for instructions and all the gorgeous, temperature regulating, natural wool nappy covers here.