Thirsties Hemp Prefold

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Thirsties Hemp Prefold
Thirsties Hemp Prefold

Thirsties has revolutionised the most widely used cloth nappy in the world. Prefolds have long been popular for their affordability and are the most common nappy supplied by nappy laundry services. Though they don't share all the bells and whistles as other more modern cloth diapers, they have their definite and permanent place in the industry and they have been proven dependable and economical.

However, Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are no ordinary prefold! Ordinary prefolds are bulky and take a long time to dry. When hung to dry, they can become stiff and crunchy. Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are designed to allow water and air to flow through the 2 layer thick panels, permitting thorough cleansing with little effort and quick drying times.  When trifolded the prefold provides 12 total layers of thirsty hemp cotton!

Thirsties custom hemp jersey is as soft as your favorite t-shirt and it's knitted with love in the USA. Hemp is an ideal nappy fabric as it has antimicrobial properties, is many times more durable, and is more absorbent than cotton. In fact, Thirsties hemp jersey is 25% more absorbent than a prefold of the same weight made from cotton alone! This translates into a trim and effective cloth nappy with a hefty amount of absorbing power.

  • Revolutionary design is easy to clean, quick to dry, and grows with your baby
  • Made from soft custom hemp jersey knitted in the USA
  • 2 layers in each panel provide 12 thirsty layers of hemp cotton when trifolded
  • 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton
  • 25% more absorbent and much more durable than pure cotton
  • Maintains a trim and comfortable fit


Size 1 - 12" x 13.5"

Size 2 - 14" x 16"


For data on absorbency click here

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