WUKA Basics Reusable Pads

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WUKA Basics Reusable Pads
WUKA Basics Reusable Pads
WUKA = "Wake Up Kick Ass"
Made from the offcut fabric used to make WUKA's Basics underwear, a Period Pad that's softer than anything you have tried before.

"While working with our factory team we noticed we had a large amount of offcuts to recycle. One of the factory team suggested we could use them to make a period pad as there was just enough fabric for a pattern to be cut.
We loved the idea and although we love our pants, if we can reduce waste and make something sustainable then we are in!

Our reusable Pad is perfect for those light and medium flow days. Its multilayer fabrics will keep you dry and is comfortable to wear next to sensitive skin."

  • Basics™ Collection - BCI Cotton. Our WUKA Basics collection is made from sustainable fabric and constructed without compromise.

  • Machine wash at 40° and line dry. Rinse after use. Quicker drying. 

  • No added chemicals, perfumes or nasties. 

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